EES Services :


EAGLE EYE SCREENERS is specialized in search, collection of data and information for
  all types of individuals as well as in the field of business.

  We offer the following services to our valuable clients.

  1. Credential Checks.
  2. Information about your business partners.
  3. Background Checks.
  4. Pre Employment Screening.
  5. Recovery of Bad Debts.
  6. Default Vehicles Tracing.
  7. Tracing out the Debtors and Absconders.
  8. Intellectual Property Infringement.
  9. Criminal History Checks.
  10. Surveillance/Observations.
  11. Internal Information’s.
  12. Protection of Confidential Business Information.
  13. Cell Phone and PTCL Phone Checks.
  14. Matrimonial Cases.
  15. Pre Marital Background Checks.
  16. Marriage & Divorce Record Check.
  17. Birth and Death Record Checks.
  18. Public Record Check.
  19. Divorce cases its evidences etc.
  20. Child Custody Cases.
  21. Family and Personal Disputes.
  22. Evaluation of Property.
  23. Hidden Assets Searching; Corporate or Private.
  24. Information about Litigation
  25. Contractor Vetting and Qualification Check.
  26. Medical Malpractice Information’s.
  27. Medical Fraud Information’s.
  28. Real Estate Examining/Mediation.
  29. Inventory Fraud Information’s.
  30. Insurance Fraud Information’s.
  31. Due Diligence.
  32. Process Serving.
  33. Civil Judgments.
  34. Bankruptcies Information’s.
  35. Skip Tracing.
  36. Identity Theft Information’s.
  37. Verifications of Bidders.
  38. Verification of Documents.
  39. Verifications of educational Background.
  40. Verification of Address, Date of Birth & National Identity Number (NIC).
  41. Information about your business partners.
  42. Secret Commission and Kickbacks.
  43. Social Security Verification.
  44. Cheating Spouses.
  45. Construction Fraud Information.
  46. Confidential Business Information.
  47. Manufacturing Process Intelligence and Evaluation.
  48. Identification and location of witnesses.
  49. Litigation Services.
  50. Asset Searching.
  51. Criminal, Corporate Compliance and other Internal Information.
  52. Know Your Customers (KYC).
  53. Kin and Kids Information’s.
  54. Analytical Research and Credential Breaches.
  55. Counterfeiting, Trade Mark and Patent Infringement.


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